Yoga Hamstring Stretch Exercises for Total Body Workout

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Yoga hamstring stretch exercises help in strengthening the thighs as well as upper calf muscles. These exercises help in increasing your range of motion and keep you agile. Yoga in itself is a discipline that tones the body, adds to the body’s flexibility, and keeps it recharged to handle day-to-day activities. However, it is important to understand the techniques for each specialized exercise, its advantage, and the best conditions for practicing the pose. Here is a detailed look at the various aspects of the yoga hamstring stretch.

Target muscles for the pose : the pose targets the gluteus muscles as well as the hamstrings to create the maximum flexibility in this area. It works towards relieving the pressure on these areas of the body. These areas are the most used parts of our system. These muscles are used during standing, sitting and in most kinds of activities. It is a simple fact that conditioning these muscles becomes necessary to maintain a correct posture, the balance required for proper support to the body and to create agility that prevents muscle pull injuries.

Advantages of yoga hamstring stretch : The stretch is quite effective because it is simple enough that any person, regardless of age or state of health, can work with this stretching exercise to create a fitter, toner body. Dancers, golfers, as well as athletes should always include this stretch to warm up before adapting their regular routines.
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Technique employed during the stretch : There are many forms of hamstring stretches mentioned in Yoga. The main objective of the routine is to hold the stretch for a certain number of counts to allow the body to feel the effects of the stretch and to help the body to adapt to the positive effects of the exercise.
The reclining stretch helps all kinds of people to start with the routine without any real ear of unnatural balancing acts and injuries. Supervision by a trained professional is necessary but you can still take up this form of the stretch without any apparent difficulties.

The plow : This pose targets the lower back and the hamstring muscles. It is an excellent technique for people who spend a lot of time in sedentary activities.
Downward Pose : This pose is an overturned arch, where the body stretches to the maximum and the arch of the legs are relieved of the pressure that they are put through most of the time. It stretches the hamstring, calf muscles and elongates the spine.

The triangle : this is an effective yoga stretch that helps improve the complete blood circulation to all parts of the body. The main targets of the exercise are the thighs and the spine. The twists and turns during the exercise ascertain that the body remains flexible. It is a great exercise to bring the heart rate back down after a rigorous routine.

All these stretching exercises can be adapted as a part of a total body stretch routine, which means that practicing these stretches long term might relieve the body of muscle pains, joint stiffness, and any mobility issues.

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